Caster Reznov

"If you would call me a sweetheart, maybe I'll show you the way
Away from cold embers and black steel, where love we shall find."


✢ Garlean ex-soldier who flees from Garlemald and his family that serve under Imperial legion. He settles in Gridania after 18.

✢ 22 year-old cis hyur midlander male, with ash blonde hair and sky-blued eyes. Does not have third eye. Has symmetrical black-inked tattoo on his cheeks because of family tradition.

✢ Clumsy at the south way of socializing due to cultural difference, but he still tries to learn it and hopes to get around with the locals, to call this place "home".

✢ Likes to flirt with ladies and enjoys seeing them blush for him, but he knows he is gay at heart. Had several short-termed relationships with random men. Some may call him promiscuous though he just enjoys being loved and filling his heart whole.

✢ Easily drown in euphoria. Has a hard time controlling alcohol and substance addict, but that is how he copes with the tough environment back north. He wishes there is someone he loves to discipline him.

✢ Ironically called Caster despite not having any magical talent.


Take a look at the kink sheet here. Caster can take almost anything. He's tough and especially enjoys rough sex, dirty talk, bdsm, being chained up and disciplined. He would be a good boy, your loyal pet, or an obedient sex toy passed around men.

While mostly takes a submissive role and has masochist tendency, he appreciates vanilla fluff too.

He can also be a dominant top if you want him to.

Don't be afraid to discuss any hardcore scenario with Caster. It's consensual RP and everything is fictional.

✢ RP style is 2-3 lines of response without flowery descriptions. Will mirror your writing length. Usually light RP but can be heavy RP if in Manderin since it's my native language.
✢ I have male hyur and aura OCs, share with the same lore. Can switch by mare according to your preference (code: U8JQ91J6GU)

FEE and venues

EROS by VRSC: Host
Nighthaven: Host
Wisteria: Courtesan
Jawbar: Host, Manager, Decorator

Getting my character data - 3M gil
Gpose is free to take. Welcome to tag @casterffxiv on X


I'm a 20+ year-old, time zone is GMT+8. Can chat/RP with me in EN/CN.

Love making friends and apprecaite any kindness. Feel free to invite me to game, but be noted that I wfh so only available at night and weekends. During work time I just afk or doing singleplayer quests.

Enjoy online relationships but never intend to take them irl.

X: casterffxiv
Discord: rep.tile

I own a cottage UnderNight for renting and E/RP, also do nsfw animation commissions

Need housing commissions? See my portfolio on Youtube, and Carrd for commission info.